galeon build problems

What's wrong here? (An attempt to build galeon from CVS.)

     % ./
     I am going to run ./configure with no arguments - if you wish
     to pass any to it, please specify them on the ./
     command line.
     Running gettextize...  Ignore non-fatal messages.
     sed: can't read aclocal.m4: No such file or directory
     You should update your own `aclocal.m4' by adding the
     macro packages gettext.m4, lcmessage.m4 and progtest.m4 from
     the directory `/usr/share/aclocal'
     Running xml-i18n-toolize
     patching file po/
     Running libtoolize
     Remember to add `AM_PROG_LIBTOOL' to `'.
     You should add the contents of `/usr/share/aclocal/libtool.m4'
     to `aclocal.m4'.
     aclocal: couldn't open directory `hack-macros': No such file
     or directory
     src/ variable `INTLLIBS' not defined
     loading cache ./config.cache
     ./configure: line 536: syntax error near unexpected token
     ./configure: line 536: `AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(galeon, 0.10.6)'

Toralf Lund <toralf kscanners com>  +47 66 85 51 22
Kongsberg Scanners AS               +47 66 85 51 00 (switchboard)     +47 66 85 51 01 (fax)

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