Re: gdm-2.2.2 login fails

> I'm unable to log in to my Red Hat 7.1 system most of the time after
> upgrading to gdm 2.2.2 - built from CVS source, then installed via rpm.
> The X server will be terminated, then restarted with a new login window
> after the login name and password are entered. 

I saw exactly the same, but with the rpm provided at For a new
user it works fine, but not for an existing one. I found deleting ~/.gnome/gdm
got it working again. As this just contains the last session information, I
suspect choosing a different session from the login screen would have the same



> contains
>      localhost being added to access control list
>      _IceTransmkdir: Owner of /tmp/.ICE-unix should be set to root
>      SESSION_MANAGER=local/indonesia:/tmp/.ICE-unix/23650
>      subshell.c: couldn't get terminal settings: Inappropriate
>      ioctl for device
> but I don't know if this comes from the failed session or a previous
> successful one.
> The only way I'm able to log in, is by selecting a different session
> from the one used last. In other words, the problem occurs if Session
> menu setting is "Last" or if I select the one used on the previous login
> by hand. This could mean that what saves the day, is the dialogue that
> is popped up on that event ("Session is different from the last...")
> Has anyone else seen this? What could be wrong?
> - Toralf
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