Re: help: problems starting GDM

jorcas writeme com (2001-05-23 at 2238.02 +0200):
> could anybody give me a clue what could be the relation between gdm login
> process and firewall?

I dunno exactly what, but it must be due the restriction the firewall
puts on connections. You should try to dump the iptables / ipchains
config, and see if there are rules that disallow too much (by default
or explicitly).

You should also search in your distro mailing list for colateral
effects of the firewall. Remember, even a Unix machine without network
card is using network services, so if the firewall pokes the loopback
badly, you will have problems.

Another idea, as root, do a netstat -ap with and without firewall,
then compare. That command will dump all connections in you machine,
so you will be able to see what is different. Do it without really
using the network, you do not want to see your browser or mail app
connections, just the basics (after boot, ie).


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