help: problems starting GDM

hi all,

I have Linux Suse 7.0 installed and I have installed GNOME 1.4 for
several day, I had selected graphic login with GDM.

Today when I boot the system GDM start but I can not type any char into
login box (I can use the mouse to select language or other options).

I check that if I try to go to init level 2 (from other remote console),
graphic display disapear but no text is displayed

I try then to select init 2 as boot mode, I reboot the system and log as
root, at this point if I run manually gdm it starts without problem and
I can log as any user

I do not know what happens and why

Could any body give me a clue in where I can find the problem (I sure
that is my fault, but I do not know where)

thanks in advance

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