Re: help: problems starting GDM

I am testing more about my problem and try to remember what changes I made,

one of the changes has enable the firewall (using YAST), to allow other
computer in the network to connect to internet, I discover that if I disable
the firewall, then GDM works again and allow enter keystrokes

could anybody give me a clue what could be the relation between gdm login
process and firewall?

thanks a lot for your patience

Reinhard Müller escribió:

> Jordi,
> Jordi Castells wrote:
> > I have Linux Suse 7.0 installed and I have installed GNOME 1.4 for
> > several day, I had selected graphic login with GDM.
> >
> > Today when I boot the system GDM start but I can not type any char into
> > login box (I can use the mouse to select language or other options).
> I had (have) a problem on SuSE 6.4 with GNOME 1.2 that sounds rather
> similar. I found out that gdm only accepts keystrokes when the mouse
> cursor is within its window, and it ignores the keyboard when the mouse
> cursor is outsind the window.
> Maybe the same is true for you.
> Cheers,
> --
> Reinhard Müller
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