Re: Ximian Gnome 1.4 on RH 7.1

plazma803 home com (2001-05-19 at 1854.22 -0400):
> I think the first problem is in the way sawfish is giveing the windows
> focus, this really should be fixed.
> If im right, your first click just gives focus, but does not get sent to the
> window as a event. This has been getting on my nerves alittle bit, i should
> have sent a bug report, but im lazy ;)
> Its not fun when your in gimp and pick a tool, then try to use it and find
> the image windows doesnt have focus.

If it is that, then it could not be a bug in Sawfish, but a bug in the
config. Can you check the state of "Focus / Does click-to-focus mode
pass the click to the window". If set and still buggy, then you could
report it to Sawfish people, if not report it to the guys that created
the config.


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