Re: Ximian Gnome 1.4 on RH 7.1

I think the first problem is in the way sawfish is giveing the windows
focus, this really should be fixed.
If im right, your first click just gives focus, but does not get sent to the
window as a event. This has been getting on my nerves alittle bit, i should
have sent a bug report, but im lazy ;)
Its not fun when your in gimp and pick a tool, then try to use it and find
the image windows doesnt have focus.

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Subject: Ximian Gnome 1.4 on RH 7.1

> The other day I downloaded the iso image for the install of Ximian Gnome
> 1.4 (with Nautilus 1.0.2) for Redhat 7.1. Yesterday, I installed it and
> it's working though there are two things happening that shouldn't be.
> First, clicking the mouse doesn't always work on the first click.
> I have to click on a button a second time for it to work. It "feels"
> like the system simply isn't seeing the first mouse click.
> Second, when I try to change the configuration for Sawfish (by opening
> the control center and going down to the Sawfish entries on the left
> panel tree), control center locks up. It never displays anything on the
> right side of the window for Sawfish. Then, I can't exit out of it without
> killing the process.
> Has anyone heard of, or had, either of these problems? if so, any
> Thanks ahead of time,
> Rick
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