FVWM2, Sawfish and Gnome Panel


I am a long time user of FVWM2 but have intermitently used Sawfish. There are
quite a few thing I like about Sawfish like themes and sound integration.
However, I like the Pager in FVWM2. It also looks like, Sawfish is using less
memory than FVWM2. How can I configure Gnome panel to swallow FVWM2 Pager?

If I have to stay with FVWM2 (it has been compiled with Gnome into the modules),
then how do I integrate or invoke the gnome-panel from FVWM2. How do I integrate
the Gnome sounds into FVWM2?

Any help appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Subba Rao
subba9 home com

GPG public key ID 27FC9217

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