Re: docs in gnome-media (et al)

In <20010511113300 A20461 megsinet net>, on 05/11/01 
   at 11:33 AM, Erik Jarvi <ejarvi megsinet net> said:

>On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 07:43:22PM -0700, David Hampton wrote: > I get
>about a zillion errors trying to build the documentation for > recent
>gnome programs (gmix, gtcd, gtkhtml, evolution).  Can anyone > tell me
>what programs/files I'm missing or need to update?  I've > attached the
>start of the errors below from the gmix documentation > (they all produce
>similar errors).  This is on a RedHat 7.0 system > with the following

I got some of the docs to 'compile' after installing as much of the 
docbook tools and Jade programs.  One thing that I needed to do was set a
couple of variables in my .proifle.   I don't have linux booted at the
moment, but they where something like SGML_SEARCH_PATH and
SGML_CATALOG_FILES.  These had to be colon delimited lists of directories
and catalog files respectively.  I think there was another shell variable,
something like SGML_ROOT.  Anyway after setting these variables and
getting the proper db2html file I could at least make some of the help
files.   I might have had to edit db2html to point to a couple of programs
etc. too, but if you have installed docbook tools from RPMs or debs you
might only have to set the environment variables.

Let me know if you can't find anymore information on this and I will try
to be more correct and specific.  i.e.  I'll boot up Linux and look for
the actual names.

>[big snip]

>I never got to test gnome-media docs with 1.4, I didn't(don't) have
>enough HD space to DL and install. :/  I'm hoping to find a CD soon. I
>have Redhat 7.0, but my versions are docbook-3.1-7, openjade-1.3-6, and
>stylesheets-1.54.13rh-5. You probably just need Dave Mason's
>gnome-doc-tools package. Try


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