Installing Ximian 1.4 from hard drive: "Unable to resolve the server"


I'm trying to install Ximian Gnome 1.4 on a RedHat 7.1 box, using a set
of packages on my local hard drive. I had to set up a directory to
mirror the structire of the Gnome FTP site, as suggested in a message
here, in otder to convince the installer that I had a valid local set of
packages. However, not it brings up the download progress screeb very
briefly and then says "ERROR: Unable to resolve the server. Please
ensure that your network connection is working properly." I do in fact
have a network connection that's, well, mostly working (which is why I
downloaded Ximian at work and put it on a CD to bring home), but I'm not
having any trouble resolving things, and the message comes up far too
quickly for it to be the result of a DNS timeout. (And why would it need
to go to the network on a local install, anyway?) I can't find any
mention of this problem on this list; anyone have any ideas?

-Chip Olson. | ceo shore net

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