Re: (ximian) Gnome 1.4 - Lurkers feedback

Ciao :)

At 20.02 03/05/01 +1200, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
> > Is GNOME targeted at normal users, or is it moving towards the elite,
> > only those with 512 meg of ram on a dual 1ghz machine?
> Sounds like you have some other issues going on.  Is the hardware in
> your machine properly supported by Linux?

Yeah, I have been running linux on this exact machine since the last
days of redhat 5.2, then 6, 6.1 and now 7.

It's only stated to behave like a dog since the bonobo stuff started to

But.  Last year, when helix released their first version of gnome it was
a rocket.  it has gotten slower each major release...

I've just installed ximian1.4 on my laptop (128 Mb ram, Piii6000, with mandrake 7.2 gnome 1.2 and kde 2.1) ... I love gnome project since from gnome 1.0 in Rhat5.2, but I must agree with you.
        Maybe we would wait some bug fixes or upgraded ... or looking for ...

   bye :)

Miki :)

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