Re: foobar (menubar) suggestions

iain ximian com (2001-05-03 at 1608.49 -0400):
> This is really just taking what was a nice idea (making the foobar look
> prettier) and stretching it into a bad idea.

If I think it does not look prettier? If I think all corners will look
prettier when rounded? Or just two oposite corners? ;]

> It works for the foobar, lets just leave it like that. Putting black
> windows that bounce the mouse around, or pass events to unseen windows
> below is just ugly.

If the problem is doing the event passing, fine. If nobody wants to
implement it, fine. If it is technically impossible to do, fine. But
please use the right excuse, not the personal taste one, or something
about maximized windows (it will just hide a bit of decor, not disable
clicks, and that is supposing a window in that state can be resized).
I guess some person will like it as much as you dislike it.


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