Re: foobar (menubar) suggestions

cactus cactus rulez org (2001-05-03 at 1725.12 +0200):
> >     1. Integrate the little "rounding" effect from Ximian GNOME into the
> >     mainstream GNOME CVS.  Not only is this really cool, its a nice
> >     addition, albeit a little silly one.
> I don't use the Foobar and I haven't looked at Ximian GNOME 1.4 yet, so
> I'd like to ask how this change affects the usability of the Foobar (I am
> thinking of the Law of Some Dude Whose Name I Forgot, which is basically

Fitt, probably.

> that it is easier to click on things that are bigger (duh) and that the
> corner is virtually of half-infinite size because you can push the mouse
> infinitely in two directions out of the possible four -- I am sure you
> know what I'm talking about)

It works like always, you can move the cursor there, the Programs menu
and the task switcher a la Apple work fine, except that the colour is
black. IMHO it is just a way to make the corners less sharp, maybe it
helps with the eyes, or maybe not, but just that, no other behaviour

If it is going to become an option, it should be as someone said,
create four mini black windows, but instead of warping the cursor,
pass the events to the window below. That way it will looks always
fine, and every app could receive events, even if you do not use the
top menu. Limiting the movement would be a bit weird, mainly cos some
peopl like to move windows to the corners, and if corners are rounded,
they will be unable to do that.

BTW, it is just my imagination or the task switcher is new and before
it was a separate applet. Also, it has no Properties, and it ignores
my global settings, at least menus follow my setting, and this looks
like a menu, from user POV (_no_ icons, I want text only both in the
list and in the shown entry, thanks). But it seems the "as it is GUI,
you eat the eye candy" offense has become typical nowadays (/me notes
it down in "report to bugzilla when time avaliable" file).


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