Re: configuration question

On 04 May 2001 14:26:00 -0700, Naomaru Itoi wrote:
> Hi, folks, 
> I was assigned a task to provide an interface to configure an
> application in GNOME.  There are five variable_name-value pairs to
> be configured.  The requirements are:  
> 1. The interface is integrated in GNOME nicely.
> 2. Only root can modify this configuration.
> It suffices the requirement 1 nicely if I can add an icon either in
> "Control Center" or in the menu Programs->Settings.  Is this a
> possible approach? 
> Is it possible to address the requirement 2 with this approach?
> If the answers are no, would there be a solution, other than providing
> a completely new window program?
> Thank you very much.

You might want to take a look at how Ximian Setup Tools does it.
I think it's module in CVS is ximian-setup-tools or there's a webpage at


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