Re: foobar (menubar) suggestions

> If it is going to become an option, it should be as someone said,
> create four mini black windows, but instead of warping the cursor,
> pass the events to the window below. 

This is really just taking what was a nice idea (making the foobar look
prettier) and stretching it into a bad idea.
The rounded corners at the top work, because there's no information
lost, all that was there was 12 extra pixels of grey, changing them to
black didn't really change much.

However, if we do this with all the corners, then maximising a window
will be imposible to use, as these lovely black round windows will cut
out part of the screen, and just look ugly.

It works for the foobar, lets just leave it like that. Putting black
windows that bounce the mouse around, or pass events to unseen windows
below is just ugly.


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