Re: foobar (menubar) suggestions

You can still click all the way in the corner (the dark zone) and it
works.  This was the hard part.


ERDI Gergo <cactus cactus rulez org> writes:

> On 29 Apr 2001, Jonathan LaCour wrote:
> >     1. Integrate the little "rounding" effect from Ximian GNOME into the
> >     mainstream GNOME CVS.  Not only is this really cool, its a nice
> >     addition, albeit a little silly one.
> I don't use the Foobar and I haven't looked at Ximian GNOME 1.4 yet, so
> I'd like to ask how this change affects the usability of the Foobar (I am
> thinking of the Law of Some Dude Whose Name I Forgot, which is basically
> that it is easier to click on things that are bigger (duh) and that the
> corner is virtually of half-infinite size because you can push the mouse
> infinitely in two directions out of the possible four -- I am sure you
> know what I'm talking about)
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