Re: foobar (menubar) suggestions

Hey Jonathan,

Jonathan LaCour <gte079i prism gatech edu> writes:

>     1. Integrate the little "rounding" effect from Ximian GNOME into the
>     mainstream GNOME CVS.  Not only is this really cool, its a nice
>     addition, albeit a little silly one.

Just for the record, we're working on getting this into CVS gnome-core
ASAP.  I'm the jerk responsible for this hack (though Chris Lahey
helped a lot), and Jacob wants me to make a few changes before it goes
in.  So it's my fault it isn't in yet.

The problem is that, in order to make this work properly with some of
the older gtk themes in Ximian GNOME, we had to patch gtk's Default
engine.  Jacob says he doesn't want the rounded foobar patch in panel
CVS until either we have a fix that doesn't require the gtk patch or
the gtk patch is accepted upstream.

I'll make sure this gets a good hard look in the next week.

Toodle loo!


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