Re: foobar (menubar) suggestions

On Tue, May 01, 2001 at 11:25:36PM -0400, Nat Friedman wrote:
> >     1. Integrate the little "rounding" effect from Ximian GNOME into the
> >     mainstream GNOME CVS.  Not only is this really cool, its a nice
> >     addition, albeit a little silly one.
> Just for the record, we're working on getting this into CVS gnome-core
> ASAP.  I'm the jerk responsible for this hack (though Chris Lahey
> helped a lot), and Jacob wants me to make a few changes before it goes
> in.  So it's my fault it isn't in yet.
> The problem is that, in order to make this work properly with some of
> the older gtk themes in Ximian GNOME, we had to patch gtk's Default
> engine.  Jacob says he doesn't want the rounded foobar patch in panel
> CVS until either we have a fix that doesn't require the gtk patch or
> the gtk patch is accepted upstream.
> I'll make sure this gets a good hard look in the next week.

What I would suggest is that the rounded corners only for the foobar is
somewhat weird and inconsistent, only on top of the screen and you can cover
the corners which is weird since it's suppsoed to emulate a crt like screen
or whatnot.  I thought about this for a bit and came up with a perhaps usable

Draw four windows, one at each corner, which would be smaller then the
current rounded corners in ximian gnome. Then either keep the mouse out by
warping it out of the corners (so that you can still throw the mouse at a
corner and not hit dead space) or proxy events.

Now since I don't care at all about this feature I won't implement it myself

On the topic of xinerama, I'm currently working on that, that is you'll be
able to have a foobar on every xinerama desktop if you want.


George <jirka 5z com>
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