Re: sawmill and gnomecc

I've had that problem before. After a lot of playing around, I finally
worked it out: I had just changed my UID, but not my username. But there
are two folders in /tmp that are important to run gnome and sawmill, and I
had lost permission to access them, which is why I didn't have access to
the configurator. These are:


Just make sure that you have ownership and r+w permission to them. 
Hope that solves the problem...

Donald Tournier.


On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Michael Soulier wrote:

    Greetings. Currently when I go into gnomecc to modify my sawmill options,
all of the options state "sawfish is not running". They did work, this is a
new problem. Obviously sawmill is in fact running, as I'm using it's features
all the time. So, can anyone suggest a fix for this?

    I'm using the latest from Ximian. 



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