Re: What's your most frequent manipulative-behavious in Linux ??

april_chen yahoo com (2001-06-27 at 1844.44 +0800):
> To be an Linuxer; you might be willing to share your
> experence about the most keyboard manipulative
> behavious based on Linux OS? It is specified on
> keyboard shortcuts.

You can view my current (but still under development) Sawfish rc Add that Hyper+x launchs
the GNOME menu, and you know what I use in X. I have mapped Hyper to
the rare logo keys, BTW.

I also use the kernel combos, including F11 to visit a secure top, F12
to view a full logs dump (nice in controled enviros, where you may
want to know what is going ASAP) and Alt SysRq when things go wrong
(thanks to some browser we all know).

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