continuing gdm problems

Dear People

A while ago I wrote concerning this gdm problem:

> Trying to run gdm gets this response:
>   gdm_config_parse: can't find the gdm group (gdm). Aborting!

Thank you for your comments re user and group ids - I should have read the documentation more carefully; I have edited the /etc/group and /etc/passwd files accordingly.

However, all is not well. Now, when trying to start gdm, I get the error message:

  gdm_verify_check: Can't find PAM configuration file for gdm

Any comments?  I've read the gdm docs and can't find anything on this.

Some background:

- gdm has a pam.d/gdm file at /opt/gnome/etc/pam.d/gdm - maybe gdm_verify_check cant' find it? gdm_verify_check seems to be looking for /etc/pam.conf and /etc/pam.d/gdm - neither of which exist on my system (SuSE 6.4). My system has /etc/pam.d but no pam.conf

> from src/gdm-2.2.0/daemon/verify-pam.c
> gdm_verify_check (void)
> {
>     struct stat statbuf;
> if (stat ("/etc/pam.d/gdm", &statbuf) && stat ("/etc/pam.conf", &statbuf)) > gdm_fail (_("gdm_verify_check: Can't find PAM configuration file for gdm"));
> }

- although gdm is installed in /opt/gnome, the gdm user has /var/lib/gdm as its home directory in /etc/passwd. This is surely wrong but what should it be changed to? /opt/gnome/var/gdm does not improve things.

Any comments appreciated

Best wishes

Ivan Uemlianin

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