Re: How to change default file manager

> But I digress. My question is this: When I ran Gnome for the first time,
> I foolishly told it to use Nautilus for the default file manager. How do
> I change back to gmc, or some other file manager?

Kill off nautilus. Start whatever you want in its place. 

Generic instructions for Getting Rid Of Programs That Respawn.
(which includes nautilus, gmc and the panel.)

(a) Know what it is called at the command line.
(b) Open control-center.
(c) Open Session Properties and Start-Up Programs.
(d) This bit will vary between distros:
	(i) RH: At the bottom, click Browse currently-running programs
	(ii) Ximian: go the to Start-Up Programs tab, and at the 
	bottom, click Browse currently-running programs
	(iii) You get the idea.
(e) You'll get a list of things which are running (duh :)) Find the
    program you want to remove. Select it by clicking on it.
(f) There's a box labelled Style at the top. If that has changed to say
    Respawn, _alter it back_ to say Normal.
(g) Click the Remove box in the top right.

The entire point is that there are lots of programs which will
helpfully respawn for you, on the grounds that for 90% of users,
90% of the time, that is what people want. 

Anyway, once you have done this, and lost nautilus from your desktop,
select GMC from the menus.

IF you were running Ximian, the easier way for the specific "I don't
want this file manager, I want the other one" program is to re-run the
doorman. I've forgotten the command, of course. I think it's 
doorman-reset but that doesn't look quite right.


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