Re: How to change default file manager

hobbit aloss ukuu org uk (2001-06-16 at 2303.53 +0100):
> doorman. I've forgotten the command, of course. I think it's 
> doorman-reset but that doesn't look quite right.

Look right? Do you mean that it does not sound the thing to do? It is,
right or wrong (the same intuitive thing that to kill session you have
to use save-session, and it saves the session even if you only wanted
to close it cleanly). BTW, no man page and no useful --help for
doorman-reset... even the README is just full of nonsense, at least
mine (jokes are fine, but not if real info is completly missing).
*sigh* :[

IMO the fm should be as wm, an option in CC, and you choose one fm:
"GNOME allows you to choose what program decors your windows and what
program manages your files, defaults should be nice, but some people
want to change, see lists below" (two lists, wm & fm, current app of
each one marked). Or separate items, not the two list in one place,
but you get the idea (I hope better than with doorman ;] ).


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