Re: How to change default file manager

Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> > But I digress. My question is this: When I ran Gnome for the first time,
> > I foolishly told it to use Nautilus for the default file manager. How do
> > I change back to gmc, or some other file manager?
> Kill off nautilus. Start whatever you want in its place.
> Generic instructions for Getting Rid Of Programs That Respawn.
> (which includes nautilus, gmc and the panel.)
> (a) Know what it is called at the command line.
> (b) Open control-center.
> (c) Open Session Properties and Start-Up Programs.
> (d) This bit will vary between distros:
>         (i) RH: At the bottom, click Browse currently-running programs
>         (ii) Ximian: go the to Start-Up Programs tab, and at the
>         bottom, click Browse currently-running programs
>         (iii) You get the idea.
> (e) You'll get a list of things which are running (duh :)) Find the
>     program you want to remove. Select it by clicking on it.
> (f) There's a box labelled Style at the top. If that has changed to say
>     Respawn, _alter it back_ to say Normal.
> (g) Click the Remove box in the top right.
> The entire point is that there are lots of programs which will
> helpfully respawn for you, on the grounds that for 90% of users,
> 90% of the time, that is what people want.
> Anyway, once you have done this, and lost nautilus from your desktop,
> select GMC from the menus.
> IF you were running Ximian, the easier way for the specific "I don't
> want this file manager, I want the other one" program is to re-run the
> doorman. I've forgotten the command, of course. I think it's
> doorman-reset but that doesn't look quite right.
> Telsa
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Thanks for the instructions. They worked fine. I haven't used the
"doorman-reset" program, but it looks like I might not have to - after
following your guidance I restarted Gnome and I've got gmc instead of

Thanks again.

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