Re: transcending the infinite: bug buddy 2.0.2

Peter Wainwright wrote:

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001 23:25:06 Miles Lane wrote:

I get zillions of errors trying to compile this package.
Any ideas what I need to do diffently to get this compiled?

You have a rather strange installation, it seems. The compiler is confused
and is including the wrong file "tree.h". The version it is including is
actually a C++ header file related to the Standard Template Library (STL).
However, this file is not usually in /usr/include at all, but in one of its
subdirectories (for example /usr/include/g++-3 on Linux, /usr/include/CC on
Irix 6.5). What system are you using?

To fix this you need either to move the C++ header files from /usr/include
(a drastic solution and problematic if you ever use C++). Or you could try
removing the "-I/usr/include" from the compilation - this means that
/usr/include will be searched last, and there is more chance of finding the
correct tree.h first

Thanks very much, Peter!  That fixed it.  I had copied the files into
/usr/include, because another project couldn't deal with the files
being in /usr/include/g++-3 (where Mandrake 8.0 puts them).

Thanks again,


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