Re: destkop power savings functions

On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 08:54:32PM -0700, GLeeJohnson wrote:
> & you must put ( there are other ways i think don't recall command at
> moment ) xhost + localhost in startup script somewhere do not recall at
> moment i think? /etc/profile......

xhost +localhost should only be done by people who paint their IP and root
passwd on large billboards in major world cities.  It has NOTHING to do
with power savings.  The only thing it will do is get your account's
security breached and possibly result in your box being rooted.

It has nothing to do with power saving settings on monitors.

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           protected from naked women, medical procedures, diverse
	   cultures, and violent video games.
<knghtbrd> (but information on building bombs, stealing cable, and
           manufacturing drugs is okay...)

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