Re: Gnome 1.4, sawfish, gdm problems


> Ivan Uemlianin wrote:
> Dear people,
> I'm having a few problems with Gnome, Sawfish and gdm, which I've just
> installed.  [...]
> as root:
> - wants middle button mouse clicks instead of left button, e.g. for
>   cursor placement or clicking in dialog boxes (I have a
>   two button mouse, so this is inconvenient).  Logging on as user,
> gnome/sawfish
>   happily accepts left-clicks for these functions.

sorry, can't help you with that one ...
what about other user interfaces - X in general - perhaps something
with root's .xinit !?
-> you might want to use 'xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 2 3"' or (3 2 1 if
you're left-handed) to change this.


> *** GDM
> Trying to run gdm gets this response:
>   gdm_config_parse: can't find the gdm group (gdm). Aborting!

did you set up the necessary group "gdm"? In case you didn't, you've
gotta edit the /etc/groups file. Instead you can just specify any other
group for gdm to use by changing the group-option in your gdm.conf in


BTW: you probably wanted to send text/plain ;-)


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