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On 08 Jun 2001 19:15:42 +1200, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:

> Hi,  every one seems to think I am talking about a Windowmanager, but
> what has happened is GDM (since about 2.2.2) has become a windomw
> managewer as well as a display manager.
> Bizar, so much so that now one seems to know what I am saying, I only
> know because I read the anouncement posted to this list (gnome) some
> time ago.  
> The problem is the GDM window manager code expects to that there will
> only be one window on the GDM screen, not so in my case, and centeres
> it.
> I was hoping some one might know of some secret switch not covered in
> the manual to turn it off


If you run gdmconfig as root or select "configure" from the gdm menu
befor logging in, the configuration program will allow you to specify x
an y coords for the login window on the "Login Behaviour" tab.

Alternatively, for a more "dynamic" means of moving the window, try

Start Dancing

as your login name!


Mike Newman, Weston-super-Mare, UK |

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