Re: Re gdm

> 1. If you do not want a display manager then
>    the xdm (probably under /etc/init.d neck of the woods should not
>    be invoked at startup.
> 2. Depending on your distro there may be other easy places. SuSE for
>    examples allows a setting for DM and WM in /etc/rc.config.  The DM
>    can be set to null, xdm, kdm, gdm, etc.  Personally I tend to use
>    the KDE DM, even though I use the Gnome WM.
> 3. You might (again varying between distros and check your .xinitrc and
>    related scripts) be able to control the WM using the $WINDOWMANAGER
>    variable.

Hi,  every one seems to think I am talking about a Windowmanager, but
what has happened is GDM (since about 2.2.2) has become a windomw
managewer as well as a display manager.

Bizar, so much so that now one seems to know what I am saying, I only
know because I read the anouncement posted to this list (gnome) some
time ago.  

The problem is the GDM window manager code expects to that there will
only be one window on the GDM screen, not so in my case, and centeres

I was hoping some one might know of some secret switch not covered in
the manual to turn it off


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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