gtcd and key bindings


I for my sins, have a Dell Inspiron 8000,

this has some extra buttons on the top which are basically extra
 keys on the keyboard .. I have used xev to determin their output and
then used xmodmap to map them onto 
XF86Audio[Play|Stop|Prev|Next] .. when I call up the shortcuts menu
from the gnome control panel and select 'grab' and then press the key,
the menu correctly spots 'XF86AudioPlay' etc .. so far so good.

when I bring up the gtcd tool, and go to keybindings, attempting to bind
one of these keys to a function clears the selection and it does not bind
the key to that function even when restarted.

additionally, in ~/.gnome/gtcd in the section [keybindings] the entry
next to the key is then blank .. I tried various entries but nothing

any clues or is there some layer of mappin gmissing.

or can I call direct shortcut events such as gtcd --next_track or some
such mysterious incantation from the 'shortcuts'->'customize audio or

Robin Szemeti                       
Redpoint Consulting Limited
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