Re: Re gdm

mike gtnorthern demon co uk (2001-06-08 at 1123.01 +0100):
> > The problem is the GDM window manager code expects to that there will
> > only be one window on the GDM screen, not so in my case, and centeres
> > it.
> If you run gdmconfig as root or select "configure" from the gdm menu
> befor logging in, the configuration program will allow you to specify x
> an y coords for the login window on the "Login Behaviour" tab.

Maybe what he wants is no window manager, or a window manager that
really works (smart placement or honor geometry), not a thing in

So lets suppose he moves the login screen to some place... now he gets
a gkrellm in the middle, and a login in other place... not nice, IMHO.
And if you have three windows? I did not tested it, but it could be
bad too.


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