Re: GNOME Window Manager

Fantamos excite com (2001-06-01 at 1329.18 -0700):
> Personally I think gnome should has a starter's wm (sawfish, or E btw I use
> E 16.5 with the gnome session . However maybe there should be more of an
> effort to work with other wm developers, instead of putting effort in adding
> additional functionality, make gnome more streamline and direct.  Sometimes
> the best solution is to make it simple.

Make it simple... make it simple... make it simple...

<lightbulb mode="big flash"/>

Nuke the configurator (doable, do not include it in the core), provide
a theme that inherits look from GTK+ theme (doable, SF has gtkrc
functions for that), provide zero or just a few keybindings (doable,
after all you can always click). And what you have? A simple system.

Also a system that some of the users dislike, and that includes the
newbies (I, once upon a time, was a newbie and learned what the hell
was that thing named wm, now I am in serious trouble when I try to use
MS Windows like window "handling", cos I discored the nice things wm
can do). But it will be simple. ;]

Why does all this same theme appear one time and another: Unix has
lots of thing, and you can do a nice default while letting user poke
if they want, or just hide all and remove options.


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