Re: GNOME Window Manager

Raster has always said that the next phase of E was to become a desktop
shell. Regardless of Gnome's development. Never understood why certain gnome
developers made a big deal of it in the first place.   What is currently
happening is that he broke E17 into several different modules: evas (opengl
canvas-which is really neat) efsd, and ecore, as well as imlib2. It really
neat the way its coming along...
Personally I think gnome should has a starter's wm (sawfish, or E btw I use
E 16.5 with the gnome session . However maybe there should be more of an
effort to work with other wm developers, instead of putting effort in adding
additional functionality, make gnome more streamline and direct.  Sometimes
the best solution is to make it simple.


On Thu, 31 May 2001 01:08:36 +0200, Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero

>  juergen salk gmx de (2001-05-31 at 0017.11 +0200):
>  > > > IIRC, the rationale behind this decision was that E came along with

>  > > > too much functionality overlapping and interfering with GNOME.
>  > > Sorry, but I think there was more than that, and the overlapping is
>  > > not superflous, look at the current plans.
>  > Uhm, which current plans are you talking about? Could you give us a 
>  > pointer to those?
>  I was talking about E plans, they have some new libs, a file manager
>  and other things. I lost the link to the full list but I guess it must
>  be somewhere inside
>  GSR
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I had to hit him -- he was starting to make sense.

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