Re: GNOME Window Manager

> > Besides, a true GNOME-only WM would offer a lot of benefits besides
> > configuration.  Common look and feel, for example.  Every WM I've seen,
> > Sawfish included, doesn't fit in with GNOME so far as its dialogs (which a
> > basic WM shouldn't be using that often, but still) are concerned.  And
> > every WM offers functionality that duplicates some of the GNOME desktops,
> > in even slight ways.  A smaller, lighter, faster WM would always be a
> > benefit.  It's like including libfreetype in console only apps - it's
> > functiona ity, memory, and extra room for bugs that you *don't* need.
> Sawfish can only be used with GNOME. It is a GNOME only window manager! It 
> will not work as a standalone.   See

Um... I've *seen* it run quite nicely without GNOME before.  Perhaps it was
an older version?  Not too old though...

That, and looking at the FAQ, it says *nowhere* that GNOME is required.  There
are a lot of "If you are using GNOME..." statements, though. ^,^

Sean Etc.

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