Problem installing gnome-libs

I have made a LFS-system( and just installed
the X-window sytem and decided to install gnome from source.
When I was about to install the gnome-libs-1.2.13 the configuration-script
told me that the berkeley db package was needed, so i downloaded db v3.2.9
and I configured it with --enable-compat185.

But when I tries to install gnome-libs-1.2.13 again the configuration
ends with:

checking for dbopen in -ldb... no
checking for dbopen in -ldb1... no
checking for __db185_open in -ldb-3... no
configure: error: Your db library is missing db 1.85 compatibility mode

I have tried the same thing with db v2.7.7.

Any idee how to fix this ? did the db installation failed ?

/Johan Nilsson

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