Re: international

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 08:41:00PM +0200 or thereabouts, Ole Laursen wrote:
> > If I have a English/French Gnome interface, can I use
> > Japanese/Chinese/Korean programs ?
> If you mean run programs with Japanese/Chinese/Korean texts instead
> of English or French, try something like this in a terminal:
>   LANG=xx_XX executable-name
> For instance
>   LANG=it_IT gnumeric
> I think you might encounter some trouble with fonts and input methods
> with non-European languages though. Perhaps the easiest thing to do is
> to create another user account and set that up for the language you
> want to try.

I'm all for the test-user approach: I have several. 

On Japanese text, Yukihiro Nakai wrote a doc called Unofficial 
GNOME I18N Development Guidelines. It is not entirely complimentary 
about aspects of Gnome programming :) But it does include how to set 
up, test, and use a Japanese environment for testing applications' 
support of internationalisation (for obvious reasons, this is 
abbreviated to 'i18' :)) . 

I tried it, and promptly spent ages opening as many different 
applications in as many different languages as I could :) 

The site is at and the specific
link you want is at the top of it:


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