ANNOUNCE: GGV 1.1.0 - the apeification

for all the people that don't mind if their postscript viewer occasionally crashes on them:

here is the first release of the next generation GGV. be warned, though: this is a development release, meant only for the brave and the restless that can't stand any release-quality software on their machines and are therefore invited to trade their 1.0 series ggv for this wonder of the new millenium. help, in the form of testing, translating and patches, is sorely needed. bonobo gurus are especially welcome.

what's hot:
	* display pointer coordinates in points, metric or anglo-saxon
	* zoom-to-fit
	* zooming in on the mouse pointer with third button
	* a number of minor bugs fixed
	* and a number of new ones introduced
	* a new look

on the bonobo front (the apeification):
	* a new bonobo component design, inspired by martin's
	excellent EOG component.
	* provides a bonobo control.
	* zoomable interface
	* all settings can be manipulated via a property bag
	* integrates nice with nautilus

the developer's corner:
	* GtkGS now has a (hopefully) consistent and clear
	* gtkgs stuff is now built into a static library used
	by both standalone-viewer and bonobo component.
	* improved readability and understandability of most of the
	* better separation of GtkGS/GGv related data and settings.

	* many fuzzy and untranslated strings. translators are
	welcome to pit their wits against the new texts.
	* xml-i18-toolization

in the works:
	* use gconf for storing component's settings
	* provide an embeddable
	* provide CORBA interface for cropping, etc.

the people responsible for all this wonders are, besides my humble self and in no special order:

- Dan E. Kelley (UI work)
- Karl Eichwalder (xml-i18n-toolization)
- <mike gtnorthern demon co uk> (the notorious dot problem fix)

and others that I failed to mention in the ChangeLog.

hey, where do I get all these goodies?

as soon as the mirrors pick it up, you will be able to download it at:

and from this very moment on at:

now go view some postscript,


email: jaka gnu org

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