Re: GDM Backgrounds

jcoppock1 home com (2001-07-03 at 0904.42 -0700):
>    I'm running GDM version 2.0-0.beta4.9, which is what comes in
>    Debian stable.  Is there any way to change the background on
>    the GDM login screen to something other than that plain green
>    or turquoise or whatever it is?

Some people have said gdmconfig, and you do not have it, normal cos it
is not in 2.0, only in newer versions like 2.2. In the meanwhile try
using the scripts in presession dir or the background program config
line to set the background as you want (you can have the pingus app
running as decor, or the fish tank ;] ).

Also try updating to new version, I dunno if 2.0 has the security bug,
but one of the 2.2 versions was quickly replaced with next one due
having it (or maybe the fix is back ported in Debian) so it is a good
reason to investigate that path. Of course that may mean playing with
testing, not stable.


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