timezone weirdness

Hi everyone,

I'm in Korea and have switched my timezone accordingly, using the Ximian
Setup Tools. My timezone is set to Seoul/Korea. My clock in
GNOME gives the correct date and time. The "date" command returns the
correct date/time, and shows KST as my time zone.

I use Yahoo for my calendar. Weirdly, my Yahoo homepage insists on
showing me yesterday as today. Which is horrible since I keep missing
meetings :) In my Yahoo preferences, I have specified my time zone as

The twist on this is that, until yesterday, if I accessed Yahoo from my
Netscape 4.7 browser, it popped up the correct date, but if I opened it
in Mozilla or Galeon (0.9.2), it was a day behind. Then yesterday I ran
Ximian Setup Tools and now Yahoo gets the date wrong in Netscape as
well. I've cleared my caches etc.

Any other ideas? [Other than running Evolution, which doesn't want to
install on my machine]


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