Here is the post I sent back to the original author (since Outlook Web
insists on using the wrong "reply-to") this morning.

Do what I did - install LM 7.2, then Ximian 1.4, then upgrade to 8.0-Freq-1
or -Freq-2. However, I don't use Gnome as an environment, just the apps and

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I second that (both question and feelings). I've been asking the same
question on their irc channels every couple of weeks for the last couple
of months (since Gnome 1.4 came out by Ximian), and I always got the
same answer:

"Any time now. A couple of weeks maybe?"

I'm told it's taking a bit of time because Mandrake 8 is quite different
from 7.2, but it's still a long time. I'm compiling from source
meanwhile, which goes quite painlessly, thanks to the source packagers!


> Hope this is the right place to do this:
> When??? I mean Ximian Gnome for Mandrake 8? "Soon" (on the
> website) was months ago. They're not replying to my emails.
> I'm very sad now... :(

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