Re: lost my lilo boot! help! :((((

%% Serguey Kolesov <hedgehog strogino ru> writes:

  >> I'm not sure how booting into Windows will help you solve the
  >> problem, since Windows can't look at the Linux partitions.

  sk>     You are not quite right here. There is a programme Explore2FS
  sk>     that lets you access your linux partitions from windows...
  sk>     Have a look at

Wow, neat.

  sk>     BTW, there is a way of removing LILO from master boot record:
  sk>     just boot from a DOS or Windows floppy and run

  sk>     A:\>fdisk /mbr

  sk>     or if you do not have fdisk on that floppy and you have
  sk>     windows installed:

  sk>     C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND>fdisk /mbr

Sure, but I don't see how replacing the MBR with the DOS/Windows version
will help him recover his Linux partitions...

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