Re: lost my lilo boot! help! :((((


You have a couple of options to rectify the situation. If you want to
restore your Windows boot-up process you need a Windows boot disk with a

copy of on it. Boot from the bootdisk and type sys c: [enter].
This process will replace your original Windows boot loader so that you
can then boot into Windows.

After that you could look for a copy of loadlin on the net and follow
the directions to load linux from a DOS prompt., OR you could find your
distributions website or use the CD and make a linux bootdisk, mount
your root partition and reconfigure LILO from there.

Hope this helps.

Leonard Smith

Sandeep Hundal wrote:

> Hi All!
> sorry for the not gnome specific question, but im in a huge fix :(
> bacially i was trying to change the lilo boot, and by mistake i used
> linux conf to change the drive that it boots into. i didnt change
> linux.conf though.
> anyway, now when i boot my computer it just says "Lil-" instead of
> "lilo: "  :(((
> Is there any way I can bypass the lilo boot and get into windows or /
> and windows so i can backup data from both or rectify the
> situation???
> Thanks for any help!!
> Sunny
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