Re: unable to get Gnumeric to run

Marcus Hutchinson wrote:

Gnumeric failed to find a suitable default font

Please verify your gnome-print installation  ( all I know is it's
installed, I don't know how to test it)

it goes on to say that the fontmap file (typically located in
/usr/local/share/font/fontmap) check to see
if it's there, and of course it is not, it's in /usr/freeware  well the
share/ directory is but no font directory is
and no fontmap

I got that same message at one point (see archives). What I found was that although I thought gnome-print was installed (and so did rpm -q), it wasn't completely. I think the last step of that install (whether by rpm or by doing a "make install" of the source tarball) is what actually goes out and creates the fontmap file, using something called gnome-font-install. Make sure it really succeeded. In my case, the failure was do to a bad version of zlib, which in turn caused libxml not to work right.

then it asks to verify my LC_ALL and LANG environment variables  (
what's this ???)

In the internationalization scheme used by libc and X11R6, LANG establishes your locale by specifying language and country (e.g. en_GB). In my setup, something sets it up for me to en_US. It also looks to me like gnome has a separate mechanism. When I choose German, for example in the gdm login screen, I get gnome-hint, panel menus etc. speaking German to me, and yet my LANG variable is still set to en_US!

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