Re: URL Handler documentation?

I made a shell script for that.  sed rocks.  ~,^

make a file in your ~/bin/ directory called or something. 
In it, put


pine "`echo \"$1\" | sed \"s/^mailto:\(.*\)$/\1/g p\"`"

Then make it executable.  That *should* work.  Those ` are back-ticks, btw,
not single quotes.  Then, just put the command
xterm -e "%s"

And it should work fine.  Did for me, anyways...

And if there's a simpler way that you find out about, please tell me?  ~,^

On 2001.01.25 13:56:23 -0500 Robert A. Knop Jr. wrote:
> Is there any more documentation on how to define URL Handlers than is
> available in what comes up in the Gnome Help Browser?
> My problem is that I'm trying to define a mailto: handler.  What I did
> was
> create a new handler with protocol "mailto" and command
>   xterm -e pine "%s"
> It mostly works.  When I click in Galeon on a mailto link, an xterm opens
> up with a pine session running.  However, instead of just the E-mail
> address in the "To" field, I get something like:
>   mailto: gnome-list gnome org;
> Ideally, I'd like the "mailto:"; *not* to show up in Pine.
> Is there a way to do this?  Are there other variable substitution
> thingies
> besides %s that one can put in there?  I haven't been able to find
> documentation on this anywhere.
> -Rob
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