unable to get Gnumeric to run


I have download Gnome from Silicon Graphics website

I downloaded xchat, got that running and Abi-word, good success

however, I downloaded Gnumeric and I get the following error during


Gnumeric failed to find a suitable default font

Please verify your gnome-print installation  ( all I know is it's
installed, I don't know how to test it)

it goes on to say that the fontmap file (typically located in
/usr/local/share/font/fontmap) check to see
if it's there, and of course it is not, it's in /usr/freeware  well the
share/ directory is but no font directory is
and no fontmap

then it asks to verify my LC_ALL and LANG environment variables  (
what's this ???)

I am running IRIX version 6.5.8f on indigo2 extreme

any help warmly appreciated


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