Re: Anyone using Exceed with sawfish/gnome?

not sure now of the steps I took to cause my grief..but it seems I uninstalled sawfish at one
point and re-insatlled .....

trouble is i can't get in to change any settings via the run configuration tool for sawfish
button in gnome control panel.....also when i click the upper-left button now to  "kill" a
runaway :) app it only makes a slightly bell noise but i dont' get the menu...if i click on
any sub-menus under sawfish in gnome control panel it hangs control panel......

I've tried everything including un-insatlling the rep-gtk, rep-gtk-gnome and rep-gtk-libglade
packages when i encountered depend errors with all this mess.....granted i realize i may have
messed up some links to packages in all this but i'm hoping there is a sollution to bring this
all back to normal..:)

also when I try to run codeweavers-wine ( via double clicking on a executable) it refuses to
run..granted this isn't appropr for this list but I thought it might be prudent to mention as

thanks anyone

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