Anyone using Exceed with sawfish/gnome?

I'm trying to setup my Exceed session to get to gnome/sawfish, but am having an odd issues.

Win2000, SP1 running Exceed version 7.0

RH 6.2 with latest helix updates starting in runlevel 3

Exceed starts using telnet (I've also tried rlogin), open an rxvt window and
start gnome with "exec gnome-session".  Gnome starts up and life seems good.

problem:  I've mapped the control-arrow keys to move among virtual desktops
(I'm not sure it this is the proper term for them - I have eight windows on the
pager).  To move between windows I use control-tab (to prevent a collission
between alt-tab on windows).

Control-tab to cycle works fine, however control-arrow does not work properly. 
If no other window is on the screen, it works.  When I setup sawfish to grab
the key, it grabs control-arrows keys fine.  But when any another window is
open, control-arrow seems to be simply trapped by the open window and not
grabbed by the window manager at all.   Changing the key to something like F9
and it works fine again.

I'm really kind of stumped by this behavior - it's not a xmodmap problem and X
is definitely seeing the key, it's just that something else seems to be
grabbing it (and only it).  Dialog boxes will cycle through fields, rxvt beeps,

Any help appreciated.  I'd like to use Exceed (VNC cycles fine, but performance
isn't nearly so good as Exceed).


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