Re: deskguide and other applets crashing

> Hi there, I'm new to unix and is running solaris 8 on ultra 10. I installed
> hellix gnome 2.0? yesterday. It seems that lots of applets will crash if I

Helix Gnome is now Ximian Gnome, and the latest version is Gnome 1.2.

> try to start them. deskguide, another clock are two of them. I have java,
> and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH, CLASSPATH. I tried run java -verbose
> deskguide_applet, and after several screen full of 'loadded ...' I got a
> 'exception, java.lang.NoClassDefError' or sth like that and then it crashes.

The "applets" that come with Gnome aren't java applets. They are "panel
applets", ie. small programs that run in the Gnome Panel. They don't
need java. 

> Run deskguide_applet directly and get error message says 'mismatch' with
> some error codes. 

Hmm. When I run any applet directly from the command line, they
automatically open up in my Gnome Panel. Another way to run an applet is
to right-click on the Gnome Panel and add the applet through the menu
(or just use the regular Gnome menu).

Do you have a panel running?

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