deskguide and other applets crashing

Sorry that I have to send it again, cause I don't know if the other email
went through. Apologies for the confusion.

Hi there, I'm new to unix and is running solaris 8 on ultra 10. I installed
hellix gnome 2.0? yesterday. It seems that lots of applets will crash if I
try to start them. deskguide, another clock are two of them. I have java,
and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH, CLASSPATH. I tried run java -verbose
deskguide_applet, and after several screen full of 'loadded ...' I got a
'exception, java.lang.NoClassDefError' or sth like that and then it crashes.

Run deskguide_applet directly and get error message says 'mismatch' with
some error codes. 

Can someone tell me what I did wrong? Any env I don't know of?

thanks a lot for your time.

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