Re: Changing the resolution!!!

I really don't think there is anything in GNOME to control that. This is really an XFree86 question (assuming that is what you are using). Depending on how your XF86Config file is set up, you may have several resolutions that you can cycle among using ctl-alt-+. Look at the documentation at

(such as the man page for XF86Config:
They have also a "newbie" mailing list where you can get help on this topic (click "Public mailing lists" on the main page).
-- David

Eric Roberge wrote:

Hello, my name is Eric and i would like to know HOW to change the resolution in GNOME???

What i see is very big, and didn't fit in my screen!!! Can i change for 640x480 or more???

If yess, HOW to change this??


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